Afroflux provided a short brief to create them their own social media platforms and a small about of content including graphics for their upcoming event of #BSide2018 at the Birmingham Hippodrome. They already had a small community growing on a Facebook group and the task was to use the new social media channels to grow the interaction and promote their event.

For the campaign there were 11 graphics created for the Twitter feed and nine for the Instagram feed. These were made up of their main colours of blue, white and black and to keep a similar branding for the types of posts that were being posted.

The posts were targeted towards an audience who have shown previous interest in the event, people who are aware of those taking part in the event and those who are from the local area and could be interested in a free day out of creative events and activities.

In terms of analytics for this campaign, the Twitter account had the best impressions over the posts in comparison to the Facebook and Instagram. On both the Twitter and Instagram we gained 35 followers in the space of 3 days with averages of 8 interactions per post on over the different profiles. The top tweet gained 6,221 impressions over an 18 day period with a total of 28.8K impressions over the 18 days.