A social media campaign surrounding the issue of the usage of single-use plastic straws and the reduction/elimination of them. A group of five people (myself included) continue to run the online campaign with supporting graphics and energy to keep the campaign moving and the fight for the elimination of single-use plastic straws.

Our Ditch the Straw Campaign profiles can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

The ‘Ditch The Straw’ campaign began in February 2018 – it is a cause we (as a group) felt passionate about. For the duration of February we launched ‘#StrawFreeFeb’ – a month long campaign that attempted to stop/reduce the public’s usage of single-use plastic straws. This campaign was supported by us posting statistics and retweeting relevant tweets and articles. Our Twitter account has become an active account that people are referring to when they talk about the plastic issues faced in the UK.

The Instagram account was created to expand our brand and the marketing techniques we already have. For the Instagram we used Canva to create fun little infographics to help us get our points across in an eye-catching way. We have been really successful with our Instagram campaign with multiple accounts reposting our graphics to their followers and helping spread our campaign and hashtag (#DitchTheStraw).

For our campaign, we also had to hold a press conference – for this we created a press kit which included posters that we created, press releases, a campaign portfolio and fact sheets about us and our campaign accomplishments.

The continuation of running this campaign allows me to continue to gain experience in running a campaign as well as be able to contribute and make a difference to the issues faced worldwide because of single-use plastics.