Dr Gayetri, a medical doctor specialising in functional medicine, had a small budget to invest in her social media presence. She wanted to use her platforms to grow trust, build relationships and her business, and grow her reach in order to form new working relations.

In relation to the content brief, she wanted to have around 24 posts/visuals that would help establish who she is and what she practices; these included: food, exercise, mediation, sleep and just general posts about herself – whilst using different colours to differentiate the posts/categories. She wanted her posts to be mainly focused on Instagram but were able to be integrated into other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and maybe LinkedIn.

Over the period of time working with Dr. Gayetri on her social media, 24 visuals were created and published on her Instagram, with some also being shared across the other social media sites. We established a theme on her Instagram and had each category have a different layout which still kept her personal branding. An example of the posts created are:


The results from this 30-day social media campaign saw varied results.

The Instagram campaign appeared to have a better influence with more direct engagement  and a better outcome for the client in terms of what the initial brief was in comparison to the other social networking sites. The results from the campaign were good in comparison to the lack of social media presence Dr. Gayetri had before consulting this campaign.